Sunday, July 8, 2007


I was tagged by Corie of Creations by Corie and Roxy at Stamping with Roxy and Shannan at Pink Tulle with Feathers and Sequins, think you ladies are ganging up on me cause I am on vacation, well I go back to work tomorrow so I will need to get over this vacation thing. All of these ladies are so very talented, it is easy for me to check out their every move in blogland as they are on my Google Reader. LOVE my Google Reader

Here are my answers to the seven questions.

1. I was born in Jamaica, Jamaica New York, not the Island
2. I am working on patience, know my friends don't believe it but I am trying
3. I hoard my craft supplies, hate to use them up, but am also working on that.
4. I have seen the play Chorus Line 5 times
5. I have mono vision.
6. I hate housework
7. I gave up smoking many, many, many years ago but still have dreams where I am smoking, and boy do I get angry with myself in those dreams.


Nancy Grant said...

Oh those smoking dreams sure are irritating aren't they? I quit smoking back in 2000 and still have those kind of dreams every now and then too. I thought I was the only one out there with such dreams. Thanks for sharing.

sari said...

i'm going threw the h*ll of quitting ... and boy do i want to give up from time to time....

Franzi said... ...what a answer (the 6.)...
I really like this answer ... why not ;)

Shadowcatcher said...

I don't smoke. The one time I tried I ended up in the emergency room because I'm evidently very allergic. However, I've dreamt that I'm a smoker my entire life! I'm usually in the grocery store buying a whole cart full of cigerette cartons! LOL...weird, huh?

Jen said...

love your tidbits.... I hate housework too... hahaha... maybe that's why I leave my work area a mess? argh!!!