Monday, July 30, 2007

Bumper Tag

I have been tagged by Corrie of Creations by Corrie and by Cherly of Mum on the Run, This is a fantastic tag, I have listed the rules below but for more information visit Greeta's Blog

The rules are simple
1) Send ONE card to someone you know within 7 days! (family, friends, associates, cyber people, etc.) ANYONE!!! Doesn't matter who... just do it. Can you imagine the smile on their face when they open their mailbox and see a card from you?2
2) Tag (yes, I know, but this is the only way to spread this) 5 people you know to do the same thing (Tag means tag them to send their own cards to their own people
3) Proudly display this on your blog to spread a little sunshine and pass it on.

That is it, isnt' this wonderful, have a few people in mind that I will be sending some cards out to so please do the same, smiling faces are so wonderful. Ok these are the people I am tagging, hopefull we can circle the globe with these RAKs' if you have already been tagged you will just have to send out more cards, but I did try to check first to make sure you were not

Heather from Creative Solace
Anna from Cafe Creativo
Godelieve from Stamping Mathilda
Dani from Stamping Dani
Gillian from Eclectic Me
Sari from Sari's Cards
Keryn of Keryn's Cards

Know this is more than 5 people, but this is too much fun not to share.


Crafty in Calgary said...

Way to go, Flossie! Glad you are on board too!

:) Domenica

sari said...

*LOL* ty for tagging me =) So the quest goes on then...=)

Heather Robinson said...

What a pleasure to be tagged by you Flossie! I'd be pleased to send off a card and have others do the same.

TheDvineMissM said...

What fun! Maybe you will share what you receive :O)

Emilia said...

Thank you! So happy to be tagged. I will work on that a little bit later :)

Shabbychick Junk said...

Hiya! I'm loving your slideshow of cards! Cute cute stuff! :) Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog! LZ

CraftyEngineer/TexasLonghorns said...

Thanks so much for spreading a little sunshine!


DEBBY said...

thanks dear .I've forwarded the bump tag!!

AnnaDrai said...

Lovely idea. So happy to be tagged ;O)

Markie's Mom said...

Great idea!

Ila said...

Very Classy Card!! I love the way you did the word art...and your embellishments!

Michelle said...

What a wonderful idea! Smiling faces ARE wonderful! :-)

Gillian :O) said...

Thankyou for the tag :O)
I'll be roundtuit shortly!
this one is a really cool one!