Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Tagged Again

I am sorry to be so remiss in responding to my latest tag. I was tagged by Faith and Marylou . Ok here are 7 things that you really don’t want to know but that I am about to tell you anyway

1. I have lived in South, Central and North Florida, my company kept relocating me, think they were trying to confuse me hoping I would get lost.
2. I grew up with dogs as family pets, a boyfriend gave me a Siamese Cat and that was it, have been a cat person every since. Lost the boyfriend but kept the cat.
3. I used to sew all my own clothes, including suits. Gave that up when I went back to school.
4. I have a birthday this month.
5. I am a technofile, love gadgets.
6. Love renovating old homes, and wish I could do more of the work myself.
7. Was named Florence after my paternal Grandmother.

OK, I promise you will not be subjected to anymore UBI's (Useless Bits of Information)about me, have a FANTASTIC DAY


Debbie/StudioBeeCreations said...

I LOVE UBI's...altho, I would not call them "useless".....very interesting tidbits! Have a Wild & Wonderful Wednesday!!

Emilia said...

Happy B-day!(Hope we didn't miss it!)

Marlou said...

Let us know when your birthday is Flo?? your a popular lady always gettin tagged, take it as a compliment, enjoy your day xx

Jen said...

awww sweetie! Thanks for sharing these tidbits about you with us! love how you've kept the cat, and got rid of the BF.... too funny!!!

plenty of hugs n' aloha,

Kacey Elliott said...

Thanks for leaving the very first comment! on my blog the other day! I love your profile info., and these little tidbits are so fun! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

Samm said...

Just like me, I love my puddy cats!!!

What a fab blog!!! you go girl!


Mistylynn said...

I can't decide whether I'm a cat or dog person. I love both! I love to repurpose old things. I have a drawer front with a huge handle and I can't bring myself to toss it because I know it can be something!

Corie said...

They are not UBI they are tidbits of information. We all love hearing about you.