Monday, September 17, 2007

Four Tidbits

Four Tidbits
There is a new tag going around out there and Corie tagged me, so here goes.

Four Places I have worked
1. New York City Drug Addiction Agency
2. White Castle (those of you in New York and Ohio will know the place)
3. Barnett Bank/Nationsbank/Bankamerica
4. Coldwell Banker Real Estate

Four Places I have lived
1. New York, New York
2. Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
3. Orlando, Florida
4. Jacksonville, Florida

Four Places I have been on vacation
1. Egypt
2. France
3. Israel
4. Istanbul

Four Favorite Foods
1. Bagels
2.Brocolli (really, love it)
3. Pasta
4. Cape Cod Potato Chips (does that count as food, I could live on themt)

Four Places I would rather be right now – this is tough, I love where I am right now
1. Florence
2. London
3. Venice
4. New York City

Four Friends most likely to respond
Jen – Pieces of Me
Deb – Stampin Granny
Kathy – Crafty Kathy
Karen - Pottsplace


MEG BEE said...

This looks fun! Great to get to know more about you, Thanks for sharing!


Michelle said...

Wow, Flossie, you've really had a lot of awesome vacations!

Kathy said...

Okay - what did you do for the Drug Addiction Agency?? THe things people don't tell ya. lol

Wife2TJ said...

fun reading your answers. I haven't been anywhere really. lol!

Though I have been to the cape cod potato chip factory where they make them years ago and that was fun, don't know if you have ever gotten to go there. -Samantha

sari said... "knowing "you more!

Marlou said...

lol Flo, very interesting xx

ScrapMomOf2 said...

I'm in Illinois, and believe me, I know what White Castle is too! You've been to some amazing vacation spots!

Dawn Easton said...

So fun! Love reading about people!
I'm Canadain but I THINK White Castle is a restaurant right? husband loves those little burgers! If I'm wrong, I feel

Heidi said...

This is a fun read & it's great getting to know you better! Wow you have had some amazing travels!! I live in MN & I know what White Castle is too!

Sally Dawkins said...

hey hun,
thanks for the comment on my blog, and for letting me know about the stamp.

take care
sally xx

Mistylynn said...

I LOVED white castles growing up. I'm from Illinois and it was a huge thing in my whole family. Nice to know in some small way you were a part of that happy memory for me. Teehee. Have a great day. Love that cristmas card with the lights.

Corie said...

Love all the tidbits!!

Big hugs and smiles.

Scrappy Moments said...

My friend tagged me a while back with this one, Isn't it fun?!

Angie :)

Nancy Grant said...

Nice to know you better Florence.

mum on the run said...

Loved reading this!

malieta said...

Very interesting!

Jen said...

thanks for your details ma'am! these are great!!! thanks for the tag too!!!


Nancy Riley said...

You've been to some amazing places!!! Thanks for sharing some info about yourself!