Friday, February 1, 2008

Tag You're It.

I have been tagged, several time for different tags, I apologize for taking so long to get these done, but I have been busy fulfilling family requested, not all of them but the ones that I can. I am at my SIL’s waiting on the Water Heater man, she is out of town so I get to house sit, playing on her computer, she has Extreme DSL, me I have the basic DSL, she has more money than me to spend. OK here goes.

I was tagged by Trina of Trina's Timeless Treasures with the "You Make Me Smile Award" Thank you that was so sweet of you.

I was also tagged by 2 Worlds and Jill from Inkgenious

Five things on my to do list today:
1. Get ready for the weekend
2. Check out the sale at my LSS
3. Make some Easter Cards (for the family’s card basket)
4. Get me a Chick-Fil-A for lunch
5. Clean (notice that is last)

Five things I will do when I'm a millionaire:
1. Pay off the mortgage on family’s homes
2. Put money aside for family member’s college
3. Put a down payment on an apt in NYC for my niece
4. Put a down payment on an apt in NYC for me
5. Buy me a condo right on the Ocean in Florida
6. Travel – sorry have lots to do when I hit the jackpot
7. Heck think I am broke again, forgot to invest oh well, that is how it goes.

Five things I'll never wear again:
1. Polyester
2. Ski pants
3. Platform shoes
4. Mini skirts
5. Bikini, I would be arrested

Five of my favorite toys:
1. My Creative Labs MP3 player
2. Scor-Pal, this is such fun
3. GPS
4. Laptop
5. Big Bite Crop a Dile, it finally arrived and hope to play with it this weekend.

Five banes of my existence:
1. People who talk on cell phones in the movies
2. People who have extended conversations on cell phones when they are with other people., right there in front of them.
3. Cutting back on food, so love it but then my body gets BIG
4. People who have no manners, such as thank you, please, excuse me.
5 I am sure I have lots more but they are not coming to mind.

Have a great weekend and will catch up with everyone on Scrapbook Sunday.

I was also tagged by Trina of Trina's Timelss Treasures she awarded me the "You Make Me Smile Award. Thank you Trina.

Guess What , I was just tagged again by Crazy for Crafting , boy have I been blessed with some wonderful and caring blogging buddies and just want to let everyone know that reading and commenting on my blog is most definitely spreading the love and you have been tagged.


Michelle said...

These are so fun to read!

Rita said...

It was very nice getting to know you a little better Flossie! Loved your answers, a few of them made me laugh!!!

Kim Ross said...

Awww, I so wish we had Chick-fil-A here. *Sigh* Love those chicken sandwiches.... ooh... and those waffle fries! YUM!

I used to go to the Chick-fil-A at Pompano Fashion Square (is it even still called that?) on Federal Highway north of Fort Lauderdale when I was young. Here in Boise, however, we do not have it. The last one I ate at was in Colorado somewhere (Grand Junction perhaps?) in September. *sigh*

ScrapMomOf2 said...

I've given you an award . . . check out my blog today!

Vivian Swain said...

It nice to be loved. I have another tag for you HE He HE!!!!! You've been tagged, check out my blog for details:)

Vivian Swain

Alexandra said...

Great answers, they made me laugh! *STAMPIN HUGS* Alex

Dani said...

Oh, my, girl, I laughed so hard I nearly fell of the chair!
Thank you!


Sharon Caudle said...

LOL!! Thanks for the giggles today!!! :)

Latisha said...

#7 made me laugh about you forgetting to invest & becoming broke again. Everytime I seem to want Chickfila it seems to always be on a Sunday {they are closed on Sunday's}...

Ana Baird said...

Thanks for sharing!

My Paper World said...

Have a great weekend Flossie! xx

malieta said...

Hi Flossie!
I loved reading your are too much!*smile*
Thank you so much for you kind and warm comments Flossie. I'm feeling a lot better now and it feels good to feel "decent" again.
Thank you and I think the Spread the Love Award is wonderful.

Deb said...

Loved your answers, so funny! Wow, you got tagged a lot!!! Have a great weekend!

Rose Ann said...

Love reading your post, and getting to know you better! ;) Have a great weekend!

Dawn Easton said...

Fantastic reading! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

Corie said...

Ahhh -- I love reading all these tidbits!!

Corie said...

Ahhh -- I love reading all these tidbits!!

Maria said...

Hi Flo,

You're being tagged left and right it seems! LOL! Chores is not even on my top 10 list to do! I love Scor-pal too! Thanks for sharing facts about yourself. . .it was fun to read it.

Your SBS2 sis,

Scrappy Moments said...

Great Tag, Thses are so fun to read. I LOVE your topper with the Baby tooo Cute!


Jill said...

Thanks for playing along! That was fun!